Did you know I take empty restaurants and fill them up with hungry customers?


Dear restaurant owner:


I know most of your tables sit empty during the week.


I also know you’ll be pleased if you had more customers eating at your place during those slow days.


My job is to bring local customers to your restaurant. I do this by building an email list with local diners that you can reach with special promotions so your tables never sit empty.


  • Everything is done for you.

  • Up and running for just $67.

  • Brings new customers; recurring customers will visit more often.


Watch the magic behind the scenes:



Click here when you have watched the above video


Ok, what do I get? Glad you asked!

  • Your new targeted email list (0-500).

  • Your email marketing and viral prize draw set ups.

  • A personalized domain (for your prize draw).



Join the other restaurants that are already making extra revenue.

Build me a 0-500 hungry customers list for $67*


*Guaranteed to increase your revenue or your money back.






P.S: I work mostly with restaurants but a targeted email list will work for ANY business. I look forward to working with you!