• jayant

    Thanks for sharing this post, I like it. The extract that you’ve picked from Pema Chondron book is totally what I need right now

    • http://www.PriscillaPWood.com Priscilla P. Wood

      I agree, Pema Chodron’s wisdom comes very handy.

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  • Largo

    I love your story Priscilla, it is full of passion and it is funny. I could not stop laughing about the Micheal Jackson Comment :) You are right they like him a lot in Asia.
    I copy most of your story to tell another one.

    The year is 1999, it is a Friday morning, and
    the summer gives rise to a beautiful sun rise in a blue sky. More blue than “Priscilla
    when she was blue going through her divorce”, bleu above “her notebook” and
    blue above “blue ray”. The weather is beautiful, sunny and not humid this is in
    June and the time is about 5:00am. The destination could not be better than
    North America, the United States of America to be precise, “the land of the free
    and home the brave.” I thought I could leave my entire curse at home and hid in
    a place in here call “freedom”. This is freedom from my past, from
    memories and from everything that at one point held me down. Such feeling made
    my heart pound faster than the beats of the drums of my ancestors. Happiness
    was no longer a dream. I could see it all right there in a form I never seen

    Here I am, at my final destination. The
    welcome, the smell of the city, the look, the weather, I love it all. I could
    feel all my problems dissolving, days in days out, week after week. No more
    worries, no more dilemmas. No more headaches. I was leaving all behind. I was
    one stepping stone away from what used to be a dream and one inch short of a
    new and better reality. Invincible was how I felt. Bigger than life was what I become.

    Suddenly, I realize that I was not alone.
    My emotions were there with me. I missed already home. I was told that “home is
    not where you live, but where they understand you.” I am surrounded now by
    people I never seen before. They speak a language that I don’t understand. Tiers
    out of my eyes could only be shadowed by a soft and lovely smile in my face. After
    all, “we all smile in the same language.” They could understand me now! They
    smile back! …

    Where am I? Where do I want to go? How can
    get there? These had been the fundamental questions I always lie down to solve
    many problems in the past. But in this new world, problems that are solved by
    asking questions rise from solving asked questions. What a circle! What a trap!
    Is this my future? I was born in a country where I was raise to believe that we
    hold our own future without knowing what the future holds for us. What a circle
    again! What a trap! How can I escape? Is running away a solution?

    But am I here for a mission? I believe that
    is case. Something that is above all, “a pursuit”; this is a pursuit of
    something that is not guaranty, but the journey alone worth life itself; “a
    pursuit of freedom and happiness”. And then, it comes to my mind that freedom
    is not free of burden. “Freedom means choosing your burden.” Not letting
    someone else do it for you. So after all, there will always be burden; even in
    my hiding place so call freedom, there will always be problems, setbacks,
    obstacles…yes that’s what we call “trouble in paradise.” So I decided to stop
    running away… and start facing my obstacles. Since then, I have been tarring
    down my problems one by one. But in a life time battle with an unknown enemy
    that can come at any time, in any form, one should not count victories, but
    simply enjoy them… I am sure that
    Priscilla is enjoying her owns J

    • priscillapwood@gmail.com

      This is actually very deep, “freedom means choosing your burden.” Not letting
      someone else do it for you. So after all, there will always be burden.
      We are always craving a world free of this and free of that, but that’s not freedom at all. I love your Hybrid version. Thanks for reading me!

      • Largo

        Thanks P. I have to admit that I am curious about your notebook. I believe that if you take a little bit of time, you could write a book out of your notebook :)

        • http://www.PriscillaPWood.com/ Priscilla P. Wood

          I would love to share its content! It’s actually hilarious the stuff your mind can make up. But I don’t want to harm 3rd parties (my ex) so no sharing for now.

          • Largo

            You are right! and i understand. Any possible 3rd party should be protected .