7 Ways to Become an Unstoppable Productive Samurai Sword

Photo Credit: samburley.deviantart.com

Photo Credit: samburley.deviantart.com


There’s a game on my iPhone I absolutely love. Veggie Samurai. The game is simple, you get veggies thrown in the air while you destroy them with your Samurai sword before time runs out. The sound of the sword slicing these veggies in half is fiercely powerful. My favorite mode is Hardcore Mode: You have one life. No second chances. No mistakes or face instant death! Shit got serious. I want to do this. Delete, cut, chop, slice all the bullshit in my life.

I wrote this post three weeks ago. Then I let it sit on my draft folder waiting for a second proofread. I don’t have time. I’m too busy. Too tired. My fish died. Excuses. Well, to be fair, my fish did die -six months ago. I’m going to charge myself a $1 fee every time I come up with stuff like, I can’t write unless I travel to faraway countries or I need an elephant in the room for inspiration. It’s a nice way to sabotage myself and put my life on snooze mode. I need endless five more minutes.

Seven ways to become that super focused Ninja you know you are:

1.- There’s an egg timer for that: “The paper is due at the end of the semester.” The professor told the students. So what did we do? We waited until the week right before the paper was due to start texting each other and delegate portions of it hoping to finish it up on time. College promotes procrastination. Something is due at the end of the week. You get on it today. Use this timer for that, just set whatever minutes you need to complete a task and get it done. I’m timing myself while I re-write this. I have less than one hour until I hit the publish button. Give yourself less time and you’ll get it done in less time. Erase tomorrow. It’s due now.

2.- Be a lazypreneur: I have a lot of energy. I’m a go, go, go woman. The world is full of slowpokes. But I go through phases. Many times I get lazy enough I don’t feel like getting off of reddit for a week. If you’re going to be lazy then be a lazypreneur. Grab someone with freaking high drive and borrow their passion and energy to get you going. Neville Medhora. His level of energy will you run over. Go. Going. Gone. Done.

3.- Use hair bands: I’m a highly visual person and adding an extra hair band on my wrist every time I finish a task makes me feel good. Besides, they’re really cute. I like being cute. Add one for every important task accomplish that day. Note: Taking out the trash does not count as an important task. Ask yourself this: Will I feel accomplished tonight if all I do today is this? If the answer is yes go ahead and put one on, you’ve earned it!

Cheap and practical way to keep you on track

Cheap and practical way to keep you on track


4.- F*ck perfectionism: Perfctionism has only one goal: to make you fail miserably. It will have you waiting for something to happen and never show up. Instead, do your best when working on a task, stop at 90% and ignore the remaining 10 -where perfectionsim thrives. I have delayed submitting proposals to seek freelance opportunities because I’m always editing my profile. The truth is if someone doesn’t like my profile, we shouldn’t be working together. It’s fear of under-deliver. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not being liked. Fear of being criticized. Fear of being judged. Fear, fear, fear. F* fear.

5.- Use the stickK: “The smartest way to set and achieve your goals.” And the easiest too. I love this because it’s negative reinforcement. I’m opposite woman. You set a goal and also the punishment just in case you don’t deliver. Put money on the line to make it more encouraging and have your money go to an anti-charity if you don’t succeed. Even more, you can set ANY goal. I’m working on being more grateful so right now one of my goals is to stop bitching for the next two weeks. Check it out and become my supporter, it won’t cost you a penny.

6.- StayFocusd and block time wasting sites: I have the attention span of a goldfish. This means Royal baby got me and Reddit, and 27 Problems only introverts will understand. I’m a compulsive introvert so I read that post only four times. Right now I’m obsessing over Where’s Johnny? and 500+ comments waiting for my eyes. Sorry Royal baby and Johnny and everybody else but you are now on my blocked sites list thanks to StayFocusd Chrome Extension.

That’s it! I know I said seven but I forget the last one and I’m not waiting any longer to publish this. Press that button now. Done.

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